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BEST LAWN CARE/LANDSCAPING COMPANY A BIG "Thank You!" to everyone who took the time to vote for Kingdom Landscaping in the Herald-Mail's annual local business awards; also known as the "Reader's Choice" Awards.  We are extremely honored to have made it in the Top 3 contenders for the BEST LAWN CARE/LANDSCAPING COMPANY for 2022. 

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March 2021 Newsletter

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KINGDOM LANDSCAPING? March 2021 It's a new season; it's a new day!  We may not know what the future may bring, but we know who holds our future.  We have experienced a few changes here at Kingdom Landscaping over the past few months.  Our team for 2021:  Tom, myself, Matt, and his wife Hannah.  Hannah is helping me with our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. 

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September 2020 Newsletter

Where in the World is Kingdom Landscaping? September 2020 We attended our first ever virtual conference at the end of August thanks to the 2020 Pandemic.  Although it was not the same as being in person, Aquascape's Pondemonium 2020 was still extremely informative and gave our team two days to hang out and discuss the future of our company as well as goals and ideas. 

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August Newsletter

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KINGDOM LANDSCAPING? August 2020 It is so hard to believe that today is the last day of August, and we will be heading into September tomorrow.  Wow!  Where did the summer go?   The good news for us is that we are busy, busy, busy.  More and more people are interested in Living the Outdoor Lifestyle, especially the "Aquascape" Lifestyle.  We have installed more than $80,000 in water features this year with many more under contract for this fall.  

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Kingdom is Promoted to Master CAC

Our Journey to Aquascape's Master CAC Status Although we began installing Aquascape Water Features in 1998 and we were an Aquascape Retailer (Water Gardens & More...) from 2004 to 2006, we never pursued the Certified Aquascape Contractor program until 2010.  Why in the world did we wait so long?  Time and excuses!  Or maybe it could be better stated that we made the EXCUSE that we didn't have the TIME to put all of the documentation together and jump through the necessary hoops to become a...

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July 2020 Newsletter

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KINGDOM LANDSCAPING? July 2020 After a somewhat slow start for our design and build construction season in May and June, things have really picked up for us in July.  So much so that I am writing our July newsletter on the very last day of July!   Our month of August is completely booked and September is getting close to being filled up, too.  All I can say is "Act Now" if you want to get on our fall schedule before winter weather is upon us.

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EP Henry Photo Shoot with Drones!

We have been blessed to be chosen once again by EP Henry for their annual photo shoot of our projects for possible inclusion in their 2021 EP Henry Product Catalog.  Photos of our projects have appeared in their 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2020 catalogs.  This year, however, was a little different.  Why?  Because this year Andrew Ludewig and Matt Basara brought their drones!

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June Newsletter 2020

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KINGDOM LANDSCAPING? June 2020 2020 VLOGGING TOUR WITH GREG WITTSTOCK In early January 2020, we found out that our company would be included in Greg’s Vlogging Tour for 2020. Wow! What an opportunity for such a small family business like Kingdom Landscaping. I believe it was in March that we found out that our turn would take place in early June…and then the Pandemic became front and center in everyone’s lives. At any rate, we began planning and preparing for our BIG...

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UPDATED ARTICLE AS OF JANUARY 2021 WITH VIDEO LINKS The professional vlogs created by Aquascape featuring The Pond Guy, Greg Wittstock, were officially released at the end of November thru early December 2020.  The Aquascape team did an amazing job, and we are incredibly pleased with the outcome.  To make it easy for everyone to access the videos to the projects, we have added the appropriate video links to this article.

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