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Communicating with Contractors 101

"I called them and left a message, but they never called me back." This is a complaint that I often hear from customers about other contractors.

However, in all fairness, I must take a moment to defend "us" contractors, because there have been times when I haven't been able to return the phone call. Why? Because...

  1. The caller didn't leave their phone number.
  2. The caller didn't leave their full name or phone number thus making it impossible to search for them online.
  3. The caller was using a cell phone and the message was breaking up and unintelligible.
  4. The caller was extremely soft spoken and the voice message can not be heard at all.
  5. The caller was speaking so fast that you can't understand a word that was being said.
  6. The caller left our phone number as their phone number (yes, this has happened!).

What prompted this blog post?  Another voicemail message that cannot be returned, which is so heartbreaking when you want to make the connection with the other person.  In this day and age of advanced technology with texting, emails, website forms, etc., why in the world don't people utilize these simple, accurate, and quick communication tools.  Most of us in the industry have "smart" phones and receive our emails and text messages immediately, but we must go back to the office to retrieve voicemail messages.  

Here's my plea to humanity:  

PLEASE, if you don't hear back from a contractor in a timely manner, contact them through their website or email or phone text message, because, it just could be that they COULDN'T return your phone call, not that they WOULDN'T return your phone call.

End of Rant!  Thank you for your patience with "us" contractors.  We are not perfect, but we do try our best to serve our customers promptly.

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