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Kingdom's Response to COVID-19


Quite unexpectantly, our lives have all changed.  We are celebrating 25 years of business, and we've weathered quite a few storms: 

  • 9/11 in 2001,
  • our son's accident in 2005,
  • the economic recession from 2008-2014,
  • and now a worldwide pandemic. 

The one thing that has always remained constant in our lives is Jesus!  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever; and, we will hold on to that truth. 

"You don't have any troubles, all you need is faith in God."  - R.W. Schambach

So, how are we at Kingdom Landscaping responding to this situation? 

We are respectful and obeying the State of Emergency as issued by the Governor of Maryland and the President of the United States, and we are taking the necessary precautions as deemed appropriate for our type of work.

As such, Kingdom Landscaping is classified as an Essential Business as outlined in Governor Hogan's Executive Order dated 03/30/2020 as well as the Governor's Interpretive Guidance memo from the Office of Legal Counsel dated 03/23/20 #COVID19-04 and the CISA Advisory Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response.

Basically, we fall under the category, Public Works and Infrastructure Support Services with a specific reference under Paragraph 2 as follows:

Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, builders, contractors, HVAC Technicians, landscapers, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, businesses, and buildings, such as hospitals, senior living facilities, any temporary construction required to support COVID-19 response.  (Underscore added for emphasis as relating to Kingdom Landscaping.)

What does all of this mean for you, our customers?

  • We will practice social distancing of 6' apart when meeting with the you.
  • We do not expect you to invite us into your home or shake our hands.
  • We will not meet with you at our office located at Kingdom Landscaping.
  • We will use hand sanitizer (available in our truck) throughout the work day.
  • We will use email, texting, and phone calls as our primary form of communication.
  • We will not be working if anyone on our team does not feel well or develops symptoms related to the virus.

Why would landscapers and contractors qualify as essential businesses?

I'm sure if you are on social media, especially Facebook, you have read comments and debates with a myriad of opinions on why landscaping and construction should or should not be considered an essential business.  Here are our thoughts:

1.  We work outside in the fresh air and can easily control social distancing with others and/or completely eliminate the necessity of coming into contact with other people.

2.  We perform a needed environmental service as it pertains to cleaning and maintaining water features.  Stagnant water containing heavy loads of debris and organics can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other organisms that can cause harmful diseases (i.e., West Nile Virus).

3.  Lawns and grasses that are not mowed on a weekly basis become a safe haven and breeding ground for ticks and other unwanted insects (i.e., Lyme Disease).

4.  Driveways, walkways, patios, and retaining walls that are in need of repair are a safety (tripping) hazard to people.

5.  Mulching and grounds maintenance (leaf cleanup, shrub trimming, weeding) are necessary for the overall health and value of a home. 

6.  Excessive debris and leaf buildup against a home is a fire hazard and can be dangerous.  In addition, it can lead to termite infestations and water damage.

Our President made the comment recently that he was concerned that the "cure" could cause more harm than the virus itself.  Of course, that comment was met with much critcism, but the meaning behind the comment made perfect sense.  He was referring to mental health and well being. 

The concern is that due to financial pressures caused by the shutdown as well as the fear associated with getting the virus that there would be increased depression, suicides, alcohol abuse, and drug use.  We personally feel that eliminating the work of landscapers would also feed into this sense of despair and depression. 

Right now, when the four-state area (Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia) is under a "Stay at Home" order, let us--the landscapers and design-and-build contractors--make your home more enjoyable, relaxing, and peaceful by cleaning your pond, mulching your yard, planting new flowers and shrubs, or building that outdoor living space.

From our Kingdom to yours...stay safe, stay healthy, be happy!


Tom & Jodi Tyler and the Entire Kingdom Crew

Kingdom Landscaping Team Tyler Family