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Concrete Paver Overlays

Adding Flair To Something Drab Concrete Paver Overlay

Whether or not you purchased a home that already had a concrete patio or you decided to have concrete installed because it seemed like the best option, we can help you to add flair to that concrete by doing a concrete paver overlay.  A concrete paver overlay is the placement of interlocking concrete pavers over existing concrete pavement. This is a great avenue to pursue if you're looking to spruce up your old walkways, patios, pool decks, or the front entry area of your house.

Does Your Concrete Qualify? Concrete Paver Overlay

There are a few pre-qualifying questions that we have to ask in order for your concrete to qualify for an overlay:

  • Are there any cracks in the concrete?
  • Are there any places that are uneven?
  • Is there a doorway leading to the patio?
    • If the answer is yes, there has to be a minimum of 2-3/8" of height from the existing concrete patio to the threshold

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may mean that we need to take a few extra steps in preparing the concrete surface for pavers.  It all depends on the severity of the cracks, which could indicate a more serious problem that an overlay cannot fix like expansive soils or water that is trapped underneath the concrete. 

The Final Product & Pricing Concrete Paver Overlay

It costs approximately $16 - $20 per sf. for a concrete paver overlay.  The final product is a gorgeous outdoor living space that is customizable in paver style, color, and texture.  Unlike a poured concrete patio, interlocking pavers offer a beautiful individualized solution that is sure to match your home and personal tastes.  

Take a moment to watch the video below that shows the construction process of a concrete paver overlay as well as an additional raised patio, steps, and retaining wall.