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There are many options available when considering a fountain. Fountains are self-contained water features with no plants or fish. The water level in fountains needs to be replenished on a regular basis if they are running 24/7 due to evaporation and splashing. This is a simple, low-maintenance, and inexpensive way to enjoy the soothing sound of water.

Be inspired…watch this video on Aquascape Fountainscapes:

Basic Components

  1. Basin. The basin is a type of self-contained water reservoir.
  2. Pump. Each system features a statuary/fountain pump or high-efficiency ultra pump.
  3. Fountain. Types of decorative fountains include urns, basalt columns, natural stone, and spitters.

Fountainscapes Menu

Bubbling Rocks

Calling all bird lovers!  Bubbling Rock Fountains are the perfect attraction for your backyard birds.  No more cleaning, scrubbing, and filling up your birdbath on a daily basis.  We offer a single rock fountain called "A Bluebird's Dream" and a double rock fountain called "Robin's Spa."  This Bubbling Rock Fountain provides fresh moving water on a continual basis for your birds.  The Aquascape 45 basin holds 98 gallons of water.  During dry spells, you can expect to refill the basin once per week, but normally regular rain storms will replenish the water resevoir naturally.  Great for small spaces or inside of existing flower gardens, the Bubbling Rock Fountain will become the highlight of your landscape.

Kingdom Landscaping Bubbling Rock Fountain

Kingdom Landscaping Bubbling Rock Fountain

Basalt Columns

Our "Triple Splash" Mongolian Basalt Column Fountains add height and sound to any small space whether in the front yard landscape or backyard garden.  You can install a single column or add more interest by grouping 3 multi-sized columns together.  You can even add this feature to the center or on the edge of a paver patio as shown below; the possibilities are endless.  

Kingdom Landscaping National Mongolian Basalt Column Fountain

Urn Fountains

The Stacked Slate Urn Fountain comes in three sizes:  Small, Medium, and Large.  The Medium Urn, "A Frog's Paradise" is our favorite choice for the Aquascape 45 Basin; it stands at 45" tall, so it commands attention wherever it is located.  For a more dramatic effect, you can combine multiple-sized urns together in a custom application on top of a pondless waterfall basin.  You can also add this urn to an existing pond as shown below in the bridge picture, which has become a perfect habitat for frogs.  Some artisans even add moss to the sides of the urn making it more unique.

Kingdom Landscaping Stacked Slated Urn Fountain

Spillway Bowls

The "Morning Glory" Spillway Bowls are one of our favorite fountains.  These bowls bring a touch of elegance to any landscape, and you can even add aquatic plants to the bowls making them even more unique.  It's a perfect combination of a fountain and a mini pond feature.  Your special furbabies--cats or dogs--will have their very own outdoor water bowl to enjoy a nice refreshing drink, while your kids and grandkids will have fun playing in the water.

Kingdom Landscaping Aquascape Spillway Bowl Fountain

Spillway Walls

Our "Let it Rain" water spillways by Aquascape are very versatile and come both in a "curved" wall or a "straight" wall.  The one featured below is the straight wall option.  You can also customize these features on top of a pondless waterfall basin to be taller and longer and even combine the curved walls and straight walls for a more unique water feature.  The applications and creativity are endless with these modular units. You can also use one of the these units to help hide an unsightly well pump, septic tank, pool pump, window well, hvac/electrical unit or as a mini privacy fence.

Kingdom Landscaping Aquascape Water Wall Spillway

Backyard Waterfall

"Beaver Creek" is the simplest and least expensive way to get a small stream in your yard.  Aquascape's Backyard Waterfall Fountain gives us the ability to mimic nature in very small spaces with an affordable price point.  The sound of water cascading over multiple rocks makes a soothing sound different from all of the other fountains listed above.  This fountain sounds like a babbling brook and is the perfect choice for a water feature beside your porch or patio.  And for tight spaces where digging a deep pondless waterfall option isn't possible, you can opt for our "Deluxe" package customizing this simple fountain kit with all of the bells and whistles of larger boulders, lighting, landscaping, and more...

Kingdom Landscaping Aquascape Backyard Waterfall Fountain


Kingdom Landscaping Backyard Waterfall Fountain Deluxe


Upgrade Options & Enhancements  (Pricing for 2024 TBD)

  • Fire Fountain Add-On Kit
  • Garden/Pond LED Spotlight Kit (3 Lights)
  • Color Changing Fountain Lights
  • Automatic Dosing System for Fountains
  • Rock & Fountain Cleaner (spray bottle)
  • Driftwood & Moss Package
  • Exterior Landscaping Package

Coming Soon...The Latest Aquascape Fire Features

Custom-Designed Fountain Features

Also available are custom-designed fountainscapes to fit your setting and your budget.  Here is a custom "bubbling rock fountain" that we installed for Bester Elementary School in Hagerstown, Maryland.   This fountain did not use a preformed AquaBasin but was installed over a large basin using pond liner and AquaBlox.  This technique is used when installing Pondless Waterfalls and Stream  (Please see our Pondless Waterfalls page for more information.)  Installed price was $5,000 in 2015.