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Outdoor Kitchens

Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen

The canvas is wide open when it comes to designing custom outdoor kitchens. We recommend considering the following items before you commit to this project:

Budget, budget, budget! 

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill enclosure or as complex as a bar, grill, pizza oven, and more. The sky’s the limit! Before Jodi starts working on your design, please provide your budget amount to assist in planning.

Size and Shape Outdoor Kitchen

How much room do you have for the kitchen? Do you want a simple island, an “L” shape with a raised bar, or a three-sided workstation?

Options and Accessories*, which include:

  • Grill enclosure (built-in or freestanding)
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Bar (36” height or 42” height, footrest optional)
  • Cabinets for storage Outdoor Kitchen
  • Pizza oven
  • Wine cooler
  • Extra electrical outlets
  • Pergola
  • Countertop Options. What type of countertop would you like? Options include Natural Bluestone, DevonStone, Concrete, Corian, and Granite.

*Please note: All appliances must be on-site before construction begins so openings can be built with an exact fit … no guessing!

Pizza Ovens

Pizza is one of those supposedly simple dishes, pizza oven but we’ve all tasted that one great brick-oven-baked pizza, with its crispy, warm dough and its sumptuous molten cheese that we can’t forget. We want to throw a pizza party of our own with that same level of deliciousness. Ordering boxes and boxes of pizzeria pizza is the usual approach, but sometimes we want to go for the gusto and serve our own Neapolitan goodness. With Kingdom Landscaping, entering the outdoor pizza oven for home use is within reach.

Check out our video below to see an outdoor kitchen project from start to finish: