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Transformation from the Ground Up

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Does Your Patio Need a Facelift?

Bring Your Patio Back to LifeJust like everything else in life--our health, our cars, our home--a little maintenance or a complete overhaul, goes a long way.  Your outdoor living space is no different.  After years of wear and tear, leaves and debris, maybe even some weeds and ants, your patio no longer looks like it did when it was first installed.  We have the solution!

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Home Design (Page 38)Enjoying the great outdoors includes your own backyard...We are very excited to be featured in the 2023 Spring Edition of At Home Places Magazine.  This is a complimentary magazine that is distributed throughout the Tri-State Area of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

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What is MAHTS?MAHTS stands for the Mid-Atlantic Hardscaping Trade Show, and it takes place in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The last time EP Henry hosted this trade show in Atlantic City was in 2015.  We wil

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Looks Like We Made It!

Once again, we were blessed to have several of our projects chosen to be featured in the 2023 EP Henry Product Catalog.  If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw our social media posts of the photoshoot with Andrew Ludewig and Matt Basara from EP Henry in early August 2022.  They photographed and shot video at several locations throughout Washington County, Maryland, as follows:

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EP Henry Photo Shoot with Drones!

We have been blessed to be chosen once again by EP Henry for their annual photo shoot of our projects for possible inclusion in their 2021 EP Henry Product Catalog.  Photos of our projects have appeared in their 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2020 catalogs.  This year, however, was a little different.  Why?  Because this year Andrew Ludewig and Matt Basara brought their drones!We submitted seven possible hardscape projects from the past year, and they chose all seven! Please note that the photos...

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Kingdom's Project Makes EP Henry's 2020 Catalog

Last summer Glenn Hetrick (EPH Sales Rep) and Andrew Ludewig (EPH Photographer) came to visit our facility and photograph five of our hardscape projects for possible inclusion in the EP Henry 2020 sales catalog.  Moriah and Jodi accompanied them to Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, on the first day of the photoshoot.  On the second day, Glenn and Andrew were on their own in the Hagerstown area.

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EP Henry Photo Shoot for 2020 CATALOG

Kingdom Landscaping once again had the honor of having several projects chosen by EP Henry photographer, Andrew Ludewig, to be professionally photographed for possible inclusion in the EP Henry 2020 catalog as well as being featured in the gallery section of the EP Henry website.Currently, the Kingdom Landscaping crew has installed six EP Henry paver patios in the Penn National Resort Community located in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania.  The photoshoot focused on four of those hardscape projects. ...

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Recipes to Control Moss or Weeds in Pavers

Two things that we can count on during the Mid-Atlantic Spring season:  Rainy Days and Weeds!We all know that we need the rain to make things grow in our gardens, but I sure wish we could exclude weeds from the equation.  Don't you?  If you're like me, you would prefer not to use a harmful poison--like RoundUp--to eliminate weeds, especially if you have children and/or pets that play outside.  Here's a recipe for a safe alternative.

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What's New with EP Henry in 2019

2019 EP Henry Product UpdatesHere’s a quick snapshot of some of the product changes and improvements that you will notice in the new EP Henry 2019 catalog.Discontinued ProductsThe Devonstone line of products has been discontinued and replaced with a new and improved product line.  Personally, I’m glad to see the Devonstone line disappear, because we had had a few issues with the wall caps on one of our jobs, and we stopped recommending this product to customers.

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