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Does Your Patio Need a Facelift?

Bring Your Patio Back to Life

Just like everything else in life--our health, our cars, our home--a little maintenance or a complete overhaul, goes a long way.  Your outdoor living space is no different.  After years of wear and tear, leaves and debris, maybe even some weeds and ants, your patio no longer looks like it did when it was first installed.  We have the solution!

Seal 'n Lock

Seal 'n Lock is a proven system for protecting your hardscape investment for many more years to come.  For the small-to-average-sized patio, we can complete this process in one day (weather permitting).  Cleaning and sealing is not just for pavers, it's also good for bringing back the color vibrancy in retaining walls, fire pits, steps, and wall caps.

Kingdom Landscaping Step 1 in cleaning in sealing pavers with Seal n Lock

First, we will use a leaf blower to blow off any surface debris.  Next, we will clean your existing paver patio, walkway, or driveway with a hot-water pressure washer using a scrubbing broom attachment.  This attachment, along with the hot water, will help remove existing polymeric sand from the paver joints, as well as immediately make your paver surface look brand new again.

Kingdom Landscaping step 2 in cleaning and sealing pavers with Seal n Lock system

Step 2 involves reapplying fresh sand to your paver project.  Because we will be sealing the paver joints, polymeric sand is not absolutely necessary, but it can be used if desired especially if you want a colored sand like gray or beige.  Regular sand in our area tends to be more yellow/orange.  Please note that additional costs will apply if polymeric sand is used because the material itself is more costly than regular sand, and it requires an additional "wetting" process to activate the polymers.  Also, when sand is applied properly to tightly spaced pavers, it should be 1/8" below the chamfered edge of the paver, so it is not easily seen and after time the color changes slightly.

Kingdom Landscaping step 3 in cleaning and sealing pavers with Seal n Lock product

Using a special Seal 'n Lock pump system, we will apply the "Wet Look" sealer consistently over the entire patio.  One coat is all that is necessary; however, two coats can be applied if desired.  Dry time for the first coat is 2 hours.  Dry time for second coat is 24 hours.  The desired air temperature for applying the sealer is around 75 degrees, and, of course, we prefer a sunny day with no rain forecasted.  

Get on Our Schedule

We have set aside August as our best month for cleaning and sealing pavers and retaining walls.  Fill out our Get a Quote form, and Jodi can price out your project very quickly.  The average cost for bringing your hardscape back to life is around $3,000 for a single day application and $5,000 for a two-day project. Please note that some very large patios (2,000 sf+) may take three to five days for cleaning and sealing depending on their condition.  

Protect your Investment with Seal 'n Lock!