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September 2020 Newsletter

Where in the World is Kingdom Landscaping? September 2020 We attended our first ever virtual conference at the end of August thanks to the 2020 Pandemic.  Although it was not the same as being in person, Aquascape's Pondemonium 2020 was still extremely informative and gave our team two days to hang out and discuss the future of our company as well as goals and ideas. 

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June Newsletter 2020

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KINGDOM LANDSCAPING? June 2020 2020 VLOGGING TOUR WITH GREG WITTSTOCK In early January 2020, we found out that our company would be included in Greg’s Vlogging Tour for 2020. Wow! What an opportunity for such a small family business like Kingdom Landscaping. I believe it was in March that we found out that our turn would take place in early June…and then the Pandemic became front and center in everyone’s lives. At any rate, we began planning and preparing for our BIG...

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Why We Do What We Do...

Owning your own small business has its day-to-day problems and challenges, but that just comes with the territory.  However, it's the relationships that we have cultivated over the years with our customers that make it all worthwhile.  I'd like to share a brief story of our relationship with The Hoyer's of Hagerstown.

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Kingdom Landscaping Interviewed by EP Henry at MANTS

Kingdom Landscaping, an EP Henry Authorized Contractor (EPHAC), was honored to take part in a video interview while visiting the EP Henry booth at the MANTS (Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show) in Baltimore, Maryland, on January 12, 2017. Check out the video here: 

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How to Choose a Contractor

Choosing a contractor is probably one of the most difficult decisions that homeowners face on a regular basis.  All you have to do is listen to all of the horror stories consumers share regarding their experiences with bad contractors:

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Hummingbird Gardens

Watching hummingbirds zip around your garden is such a delight. These little creatures are fascinating to watch and welcoming them to your garden is easy.

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The Year In Review - 2015

As we walk into our 21st year in business, it's always profitable to take a look back at the previous year and analyze our efforts.  Our driving passion is to make a difference in somebody's life through our work.  Because our jobs tend to be divided between necessity and/or solutions vs. pleasure and/or desire, the outcomes are much different.  Waterscaping projects seem to weigh more on the side of pleasure and part of creating a personal backyard "staycation" retreat.

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Communicating with Contractors 101

"I called them and left a message, but they never called me back." This is a complaint that I often hear from customers about other contractors. However, in all fairness, I must take a moment to defend "us" contractors, because there have been times when I haven't been able to return the phone call. Why? Because...

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Got Algae?

For all of my water gardening enthusiasts out there, what is the one challenge we have every spring with our ponds?  Algae Bloom!

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