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New Pond Guidelines

599Having a new pond can be a new experience and we want you to know exactly what to do and when to do it, so that you can enjoy your pond to its fullest potential. So here are a few New Pond Guidelines to keep your pond in perfect running condition as a brand new pond owner:

1. Liquid Beneficial Bacteria


Fill measuring cup (included with purchase) to appropriate gallon mark.  Empty into pond in front of the skimmer (in order to "seed" the bacteria into the biofall mats and bioballs).  Do this daily for the first two weeks.  Then the Auto Dosing System should be able to maintain the water quality if you have an Auto Dosing System installed; otherwise, add liquid bacteria on a weekly basis.  If water quality issues arise, repeat this two week daily step.

2. Auto Dosing System (Clear Water)

6f50bf69607c2c70ceb3d3b7c347daa7The pouches for this system will last 30 days on average depending on the size of pond and amount of dosing.  Set your system on the appropriate gallons for the size of your pond.  If you are not experiencing the water quality that you desire, you can hit the "x2" button to increase the dosage for a short period of time.  There are 4 types of pouches available: Maintain - Clean - Clear - Protect.  We recommend that you alternate between Maintain, Clean, and Clear throughout the season (April-October) and discontinue use of the Auto Doser during the winter season due to freezing temperatures.  You should remove the pouch and turn off the system during the winter months.  The "Protect" pouch is mainly for the first month following a spring pond cleanout.  It contains a special stress coat product to protect the fish just after coming out of their winter hibernation and the fresh water change.

3. Ion Gen Water Clarifier (String Algae)

t600_aa8444f9ae981185592ac5c1d2e20d3cThe Ion Gen should initially be set on 5 or 6 for the first two weeks.  Then reduce the setting to 1 or 2.  If you start to see the growth of string algae (long strands of green hanging on rocks and plants), then bump the setting back up to 5 or 6 until the algae disappears.  The algae may turn brown (indicating it is dead).  Return the Ion Gen to the 1 or 2 setting.  Keeping the Ion Gen on a high setting continuously can be harmful to the fish.  Use the copper test kit that came with the system to ensure the copper stays at a safe level.  Test monthly.  If you are unable to get the numbers on the panel to "bump" up, then add some pond salt to your water in front of the skimmer.  Do not add more pond salt than recommended.  This should change the chemical composition of your water and allow the Ion Gen to work again.  

4. Filter Mats in Biofall


These only need to be cleaned once per year during the annual spring pond cleaning.  Cleaning these mats more than once a year will upset the ecosystem and destroy the beneficial bacteria.

5. Basket in Skimmer

t600_1fd050dc055b98aca8bfd3d20dd0ae0cRoutinely check the basket for leaves and debris and empty when necessary (mostly during spring and fall).  If the water flow in the waterfall decreases, it is probably due to a full basket.  Unplug the pump before removing the basket.