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A First Impression Paver Driveway

Your driveway is your home’s first impression. Why not make it a lasting impression with pavers?

Pavers are both durable and stylish. They are several times stronger than concrete and have a longer lifetime than asphalt or gravel. In addition, you can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and sizes, so you can have a driveway that reflects your taste and your personality.

When choosing a paver for a driveway, ICPI recommends an interlocking pattern instead of large slabs. The strongest interlocking pattern is herringbone, either in a 4x8 or 6x9 paver. Other options would include the “I” pattern (6x6/6x9) or some of the smaller modular (random) patterns.

Although the initial cost of a paver driveway is more expensive than plain concrete or asphalt, the 20-year lifecycle proves to be less expensive because it requires less maintenance. Remember, concrete cracks and asphalt must be sealed on a regular basis.

Stylish Options Custom Driveway

Stylish options include adding a wider, bolder soldier course, mixing colors, adding a circle kit in the center or a fan kit at the entrance. Special paver art mosaics and patterns are also available. Visit for more creative ideas.


Eco-Friendly Driveways Paver Driveway

For those who are committed to “going green,” we highly recommend ECO-pavers, which are permeable. Permeable pavement systems are perfect for managing storm water runoff and help protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed area. You can choose a simple permeable system using pavers and several layers of different sized crushed stone for your base, or a fully-operational rain-water harvesting system underneath the entire area of pavement.

For more information on permeable pavement systems, please go to our section on Stormwater Management.

Check out the video below to see a driveway installed with flagstone and pavers combined!