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Attracting Dragonflies to Your Pond

Enhancing Your Aquascape Ecosystem Pond in Zone 6: Plants That Attract Dragonflies

Creating a thriving ecosystem around your Aquascape pond is not only visually appealing but also beneficial for maintaining a balanced and healthy environment. Dragonflies are not only beautiful to watch but also serve as natural predators, helping to control mosquito populations and balance the aquatic ecosystem. In Zone 6, selecting the right plants can make a significant difference in attracting these fascinating creatures to your Aquascape pond. Let's delve into some plant recommendations that will help you welcome dragonflies to your pond oasis.

Plant Recommendations:

Pickerel Rush (Pontederia cordata)Kingdom Landscaping installs pickerel rush in ornamental ponds to attract dragonflies

Pickerel Rush (aka Pickerelweed) is a favorite of dragonflies due to its stunning spikes of blue-purple flowers that bloom in the summer. This plant thrives in moist soil and provides perches for dragonflies to rest and lay their eggs. This is my personal favorite, and we include it in every pond project that we install.

Arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia) 

Arrowhead, with its arrow-shaped leaves and white flowers, is another excellent choice for attracting dragonflies. They enjoy perching on these plants while hunting for food or during mating.

Kingdom Landscaping recommends Arrowhead for ornamental ponds

Water Lilies (Nymphaea spp.) 

Water lilies not only add beauty to your pond but also provide shelter for dragonfly larvae. Their floating leaves offer protection for young dragonflies as they grow and develop before emerging as adults.  The Wanvisa Water Lily is one of Jodi's favorites!

Kingdom Landscaping loves the Wanvisa Water Lily for Aquascape Ecosystem Ponds

Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale) Kingdom Landscaping recommends Horsetail Rush for ponds

Horsetail is a unique plant that can add vertical interest to your pond. Dragonflies are attracted to its dense, bamboo-like stems, which provide sturdy perches for them to rest and survey their surroundings.

Blue Flag Iris (Iris versicolor) 

The blue flag iris produces striking purple-blue flowers that attract dragonflies with their vibrant colors and nectar. This plant is well-suited for the margins of ponds and provides an ideal habitat for dragonflies to breed.

Kingdom Landscaping recommends Blue Flag Iris for Dragonflies


Cattails are beneficial for dragonflies, as they provide vertical structures where dragonflies can perch, rest, and lay their eggs. These plants also offer protection for dragonfly nymphs as they emerge from the water.  We prefer to use Miniature or Narrowleaf Cattails for ornamental fish ponds.

Kingdom Landscaping prefers Miniature or Narrowleaf Cattails for ornamental ponds


Integrating a variety of aquatic plants into your Aquascape pond can help create a welcoming habitat for dragonflies. By selecting plants that provide shelter, perches, and breeding sites, you can attract these beneficial insects to your pond ecosystem. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, dragonflies play a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem by preying on pests like mosquitoes. Enhance your Aquascape pond with these plant recommendations and enjoy the beauty and benefits of dragonflies in your outdoor sanctuary.