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Transformation from the Ground Up

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Kingdom Landscaping

12750 Quirauk School Rd‎
Sabillasville, MD 21780
TEL: 301-416-0033
EMAIL: [email protected]

What is the best way to contact us?

Although we are very thankful that we are a small family-owned business that also means that we don’t always have someone in our office answering the telephone.  Instead, we allow our office answering machine to pick up most of our calls.  Unfortunately, that usually means that you can’t get in touch with us right away unless you use today’s technology.  So, here are the quickest and best ways to reach us.

  1. For estimates, fill out our “Get a Quote” form.  A notification will automatically go into our email box, and we can look this up on our Smart Phones throughout the day and get back to you before the end of the day (and sometimes we might be able to respond immediately depending on what we are doing).
  2. Send a direct email to us at [email protected].  Again, we will get a notification, and we can check our email while working on a job site and get back to you before the end of the day.
  3. Send a Facebook message.  Use Facebook messenger from our Kingdom Landscaping Facebook page or contact Jodi through messenger at Jodi Tyler Kingdom on Facebook.

If you do decide to leave a voicemail message on our main office phone (301-416-0033), please expect a return phone call within 24 to 48 hours.  If you don’t hear back from us, please try again.  Why?  Because there is a chance that we either didn’t get the message or we couldn’t understand your message.  Please read our article Communicating with Contractors 101

Send Us a Picture

Be prepared ahead of time!  One of the first things we are going to ask you to do when requesting an estimate is:  “Send Us a Picture!”  Why?  Because that helps us to better understand your project before speaking with you or setting up an appointment for an in-home consultation.  If possible, we will try to give you a “ballpark” estimate on your project beforehand.  In addition, we may ask you for a rough sketch with dimensions.  We do all of this in order to speed up the process of getting an estimate to you as quickly as possible so you know what to expect ahead of time.  If this “ballpark” estimate is out of your budget range, then we’ve been able to save us both some time and money by not committing to a one-to-two hour long in-home consultation (appointment) that would end with the same result.  Fair Enough?

Grace, Grace, Wonderful Grace

We are not perfect, we are human.  And although we try our best to stay on top of all of the phone calls, emails, and FB messages, sometimes it can become overwhelming during the “busy” season.  We try to do our best.  So, please, if you contact us, and you haven’t gotten a response within 48 hours, please contact us again. As unfortunate as it sounds, you may have just gotten lost in the shuffle by accident.  We value every person who contacts us for service.