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All About Aquascape

Certified AquaScape ContractorAquascape is the leading company in all things pond related. We use all of their products to design and install water features and we are CAC's (Certified Aquascape Contractors).  Feel free to take a moment to browse this page and see who the masterminds are behind Aquascape.

Greg Wittstock, the Founder

From building backyard ponds to house his pet turtles to building ponds to make money over the summer, Greg Wittstock, aka The Pond Guy, has been dabbling in water gardens since the age of 12. He began with a concrete creation and evolved to the ecosystem ponds that Aquascape is well known for. Now that you know how Wittstock's love of ponds began, here's how Aquascape, Inc. has grown and evolved into what it is today.

After experimenting with ponds for over eight years, Wittstock finally had a "light bulb" moment during a drive home from the boring summer job he took during college in 1990. He decided that he wanted to do something he loved for a living ... he wanted to build ponds. Merely 30 second later, he had a company name, Aquascape. The next year, he began building ponds during his breaks in the school year.

Check out Aquascape's video below, to learn more about the building of Aquascape:

Aquascape Pond Squad

The Pond Squad is a web-only series all about building ponds and other water features in all sorts of environments.  Included in the Pond Squad are some of Aquascape's finest members: Greg Wittstock, Ed Beaulieu, and Brian Helfrich.  This is one of those shows that every water lovin' pond fanatic can fall in love with watching.  Feel free to subscribe to their Pond Squad Youtube Channel.  Also, check out the very first Pond Squad episode below or check out all of the episodes on our website page, Pond Squad Episodes!


Pondemonium is a place where Pond contractors around the United States gather to learn new information about upcoming products, team management, and overall build relationships with other contractors.  We have recently made attending Pondemonium an annual event in our company, because we value all three of these concepts.  Pondemonium takes place in August at Aqualand, which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Pondemonium 2020 promo pic