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Steps & Landings

There are many options to choose from when designing a set of steps for your outdoor living space. Most of the time, having a set of steps is a necessary ingredient and not a choice, depending on the access to your patio. Obviously, the lesser the distance between your doorway and the final grade of your patio, the better. Why? The access is easier and the cost is less.

Step Categories 

There are four main categories that we can divide steps into:paver steps 

Hardscape steps are typically built out of retaining wall block and capped with a wall cap, bullnose paver, or bluestone slab. The type of step is usually used in conjunction with a patio and/or walkway to match the overall project.

Stone steps are typically large/thick stone slabs that are set mechanically with a machine (due to their weight)Stone Steps or smaller stone steppers that can be placed by hand. This style step is used most often in informal settings.

Wood steps that are built out of wood can be either a “deck” style step or a pressure-treated timber step. In a patio setting, there are times when the doorway is higher than 48” above the patio, and it makes more sense to build a set of wooden steps. In addition, some times the builder has placed a basement window underneath theMetal Steps doorway, and unless the window is sealed off, the only option is either a set of wooden steps or metal steps. 

Metal steps are very attractive on homes that have high door thresholds. We have installed several galvanized metal spiral steps that were manufactured by a local company called Duvinage.


Shapes & Styles for Hardscape Steps

Cap Selection paver steps

  • Wall caps
  • Bullnose pavers
  • Bluestone stair treads


We recommend that the landing area before entering a doorway be a minimum size of 3’ deep; preferably 4’ deep. The top of the landing is surrounded by caps, bullnose pavers or bluestone stair treads, and the center is filled in with pavers that match the patio.

Layout Choices

  • Semicircle step layout with landing
  • Oval steps (rounded corners) with landing
  • Straight steps either square or rectangle with landing
  • Full wrap-around steps either square or rectangle with landing
  • Two-sided wrap-around steps either square or rectangle with landing
  • Straight steps with no landing

Check out the video below to see the many different styles of steps and landings that we have installed: