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Rabbit & Deer Resistant Perennials

RABBIT eatingRabbits

Believe it or not, rabbits can cause as much damage as deer in the garden.  Although they are extremely adorable mammals, it isn't always adorable watching them eat every plant that you've worked hard to nourish and grow in your garden and flowerbeds.

That is why we have compiled the list below of Perennials that are rabbit resistant:

Achillea Centranthus Heuchera Penstemon
Ajuga Convallaria Hosta Pulmonaria
Anemone Corydalis Iris Scabiosa
Alchemilla Digitalis Lamium Sedum
Aruncas Eupatorium Liriope Stachys
Aster Galium Nepeta Verbena
Astilbe Geranium Origanum Veronica
Brunnera Helianthus Paeonia Viola


deer_gardenOnly plastic plants and a few cactus are truly deer proof.  As food becomes scarce deer will eat plants that they ordinarily stay away from.

Although, nothing is truly deer resistant depending on the access to wild food and the location of your garden and flower beds we have compiled the list below of perennials that are most deer resistant.

Achillea Coreopsis Heuchera Salvia
Ajuga Dianthus Hydrangea Scabiosa
Aster Digitalis Iberis Spiraea
Alchemilla Epimedium Lamium Sedum
Astilbe Ferns Lavandula Yucca
Baptista Galium Ligularia Verbena
Chrysanthemum Geranium Ornamental Grasses Veronica
Clematis Hedera Pulmonaria Viola