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July 2020 Newsletter


July 2020

After a somewhat slow start for our design and build construction season in May and June, things have really picked up for us in July.  So much so that I am writing our July newsletter on the very last day of July!   Our month of August is completely booked and September is getting close to being filled up, too.  All I can say is "Act Now" if you want to get on our fall schedule before winter weather is upon us.

It is hard to believe that we are already 1/2 way through 2020, and I'm sure many of us share the same sentiment that 2020 has been filled with unexpected challenges and chaos.  Always remember that our attitude determines our altitude:  The Best is Yet to Come!  Stay positive, make healthy choices, and keep the faith.  As R.W. Schambach used to say, "You don't have any trouble, all you need is faith in God!" 

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