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Kingdom is Promoted to Master CAC

Our Journey to Aquascape's Master CAC Status

Although we began installing Aquascape Water Features in 1998 and we were an Aquascape Retailer (Water Gardens & More...) from 2004 to 2006, we never pursued the Certified Aquascape Contractor program until 2010.  Why in the world did we wait so long?  Time and excuses!  Or maybe it could be better stated that we made the EXCUSE that we didn't have the TIME to put all of the documentation together and jump through the necessary hoops to become a CAC.  The same could be said about making the commitment to attend Aquascape's Pondemonium every year...but that's another story.  

At any rate, we are very proud to be a part of the CAC Tribe.  Yes, that's what we call ourselves--a Tribe.  A group of professionals that work together to make each other better and that is priceless.

The Certified Aquascape Contractor program is divided up into three tiers:  CAC, Professional CAC, and Master CAC.  Kingdom Landscaping has been at the Professional level for many, many years, but it is with a great sense of accomplishment that we have reached the Master CAC status.

To be truthful, the main separation between the three tiers is purchase volume of Aquascape product.  So, on one hand, it theoretically would be possible for someone to buy there way to the Professional and/or Master level; not wise or ethical in my opinion, but possible.  It is not possible; however, to buy your way into becoming a basic CAC.  No, that requires installing several water features the Aquascape way (with full construction photos and documentation), proper business licensing and insurance, reviews from several of your customers, etc.  On the other hand, it could also be said that those contractors who are purchasing a minimum of $50,000 of Aquascape products every two years are indeed more experienced and skilled, because they are installing more and more ponds.  The more ponds you install, the more practice you have, and practice makes perfect, right?  

What I love the most about the Aquascape CAC program is that we are always challenged to do better.  Better in business, Better in relationships, Better in Life, and most definitely Better in Pond Building.  Even when I look over the themes of several past Aquascape Pondemonium events that we have attended -- "Reach for the Stars" - "Getting Better Together" - "Leading the Change" - "Attitude of Gratitude" - and this year's theme:  "I Love My Art!" -- it is evident that Greg Wittstock (Aquascape's Founder and CEO) has dedicated his life to mentoring and challenging contractors to be the best.  We are humbly honored to be a part of this Elite Group of Aquascape Pond Builders.  Reaching Master CAC status is an accomplishment that we cherish greatly.

Aquascape I Love My Art Kingdom Landscaping

Here are the program benefits as outlined on Aquascape's website


Certified Aquascape Contractor

Qualifying for the initial tier of the program immediately provides access to the following benefits:

  • Membership in the largest, most experienced professional water feature installers’ group in North America
  • The exclusive right to use the Certified Aquascape Contractor logo
  • Access to the private CAC Group on Facebook – have real-time conversations with Aquascape and other CACs about products, installation tips, and business best practices
  • CAC Affiliate Discounts
  • CAC Early Buy Program
  • CAC Year-End Purchase Program
  • Specialized marketing materials and clothing exclusively available to CACs
  • Priority access to Aquascape technical services staff
  • Exclusive training and networking events
  • CAC Contractor Rewards Program



Certified Aquascape Contractor

On your way to becoming a Master CAC, the benefits of being a Professional CAC include all the benefits listed under “Certified Aquascape Contractor,” as well as:

  • A listing in the Certified Aquascape Contractor locator on the #1 website in the water gardening industry,
  • Bonus CAC Contractor Rewards points



Certified Aquascape Contractor

The highest tier in the CAC program also brings the greatest amount of resources and benefits to your business. In addition to the tier one and tier two program benefits, you also receive:

  • A priority listing on the Certified Aquascape Contractor locator
  • One (1) FREE annual Pondemonium registration
  • Bonus CAC Contractor Rewards points
  • FREE product eligibility