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Kingdom's Project Makes EP Henry's 2020 Catalog

Last summer Glenn Hetrick (EPH Sales Rep) and Andrew Ludewig (EPH Photographer) came to visit our facility and photograph five of our hardscape projects for possible inclusion in the EP Henry 2020 sales catalog.  Moriah and Jodi accompanied them to Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, on the first day of the photoshoot.  On the second day, Glenn and Andrew were on their own in the Hagerstown area.

Moriah Tyler and Jodi Tyler with EP Henry and Kingdom Vehicles

As we ventured from house to house staging the patios, speaking with our customers, and watching Andrew take pictures from every angle possible, we have no idea which jobs will make the cut and which ones won't.  The main criteria for inclusion in the catalog is the EP Henry product line that is being showcased.  The patio can be absolutely gorgeous and the staging and lighting perfect, but if the product being photographed isn't needed when they start assembling all of the pictures, then it won't make it.  I said all of that to say this, all of the homes and projects that were photographed were catalog worthy, but only two pictures were chosen.


And, the big winner is:  The Connor Project on Broadfording Road in Hagerstown, Maryland.  This project made a full page in the catalog showcasing the EP Henry Chiseled Stone product.

EP Henry Chiseled Stone Pavers and Aquascape Water Feature


Is the Schaffer project that is located in the Penn National Golf Course Community in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania.  This photograph highlights the EP Henry Curbstone product with an Aquascape Bubbling Rock fountain feature in the background.

EP Henry Catalog Coventry Curbstone in Pewter Blend.

For those photographs that did not make it in the catalog, they still have a chance to be chosen for other EP Henry promotional materials or they could be featured on the EP Henry website in the Gallery section.