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March 2021 Newsletter


March 2021

It's a new season; it's a new day!  We may not know what the future may bring, but we know who holds our future.  We have experienced a few changes here at Kingdom Landscaping over the past few months.  Our team for 2021:  Tom, myself, Matt, and his wife Hannah.  Hannah is helping me with our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you're not already following us, please consider liking, following, and/or subscribing to our pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.  It's the best way that you can help local businesses gain more exposure in this marketplace.  It won't be long and you will begin seeing our regular video posts (vlogs) as we start our design and build construction projects in May. We will be concentrating on pond cleanings, mulching, and landscaping  during March and April.  Hope all is well, and we hope to see some of you very soon! 

Happy Gardening - Jodi

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