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What's New with EP Henry in 2019

2019 EP Henry Product Updates

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the product changes and improvements that you will notice in the new EP Henry 2019 catalog.

Discontinued Products

The Devonstone line of products has been discontinued and replaced with a new and improved product line.  Personally, I’m glad to see the Devonstone line disappear, because we had had a few issues with the wall caps on one of our jobs, and we stopped recommending this product to customers.

The Danbury (wood-grain) pavers have been discontinued; however, the Danbury Smooth Plank pavers are still available.

The Village Square pavers have been discontinued.

Cast Stone Wall block in the Durango color has been discontinued.

What's New?

NEW Product - Belmont with ColorTech™

Belmont slabs replace the previous Devonstone product line.  Currently offered as a “Patio on a Pallet” in the Bluestone color only (100 sf in 6 sizes), these slabs are not as thick as pavers but retain the 1- 5/8” thickness of the discontinued Devonstone slabs.  You cannot use a plate compactor on Belmont products.

NEW Product - Bristol Stone with ColorTech™

The ColorTech™ option is now available on all Bristol Stone pavers.  Last year it was introduced on several different colors of the Chiseled Stone paver line. 

What is ColorTech™? 

It is a factory-applied sealer that not only unlocks the beauty of the pavers but also adds an extra layer of protection.  This sealer has several benefits: 

  • Resists staining,
  • Improves protection from acid rain,
  • Reduces fading from UV rays, and
  • Enhances the color of the paver.

As a paver professional, our team is excited about being able to offer “sealed” pavers to our customers upon installation instead of EP Henry ColorTech Pavershaving to wait a year or two and have the pavers sealed with a liquid spray.  Sealing the pavers after the fact can be very challenging; i.e., the pavers have to be very clean, the weather has to be perfect, and the person applying the sealer must make sure not to apply to little or too much.  In addition, we have found that using a liquid sealing product on top of polymeric joint sand can slow down the drainage process between the joints and cause puddling.  The beauty of a paver patio is that it can drain unlike concrete and asphalt, which cannot drain.

Obviously, ColorTech™ pavers are slightly more expensive per square foot than non-ColorTech™ pavers but much less expensive per sf than having the sealer applied at a later date.  ColorTech™ pavers is definitely the way to go, and Kingdom Landscaping will be recommending ColorTech™ pavers to our customers. 

NEW Product - Bristol Stone and Chiseled Stone Adds New Size Slab

During the past three years, the most popular line of pavers that Kingdom Landscaping installs on a regular basis are the Bristol Stone pavers in a random pattern.  In the past, we have had the option to install either a 3-piece random (Cube 1) or a 6-piece random (Cube 1 and Cube 2 combined).  Now, we can add an even larger slab (16” x 24”) and lay a 7-piece random pattern (Cube 1, Cube 2, and Cube 3).

NEW Product - Permeable “Eco” Pavers in Bristol Stone

Bristol Stone is now available as a permeable paver (Cube 1; 3-piece), and because it is 3 1/8” thick, it can be successfully used in residential driveway applications.  And, even more exciting is it is being manufactured with Solidia Cement!!!

What is Solidia Cement? 

It is a new, next generation cement developed by Solidia Technologies, and EP Henry has partnered with them to produce a revolutionary cement paver.  Benefits include:

  • Enhanced color vibrancy,
  • Near-elimination of primary efflorescence, and
  • Much greater resistance to de-icing salts.

But even more importantly, this new Solidia breakthrough reduces the carbon footprint of concrete by up to 70%.  Solidia is simply “a better cement for a better planet.”  We are excited about this new product because of it’s ability to greatly reduce if not eliminate efflorescence.  Efflorescence is that white discoloration that appears in concrete pavers as part of the natural curing process of cement, but with Solidia Cement, that will be a thing of the past.

NEW Product - New Color Added to Cast Stone Wall Product Line

This is our favorite style of segmental retaining wall block, and they have added a new color to the lineup:  Santa Barbara.  Santa Barbara is not a blended color, but the first solid color block offered in this line.

NEW Product - Cast Stone Garden Wall Block

Instead of the traditional “one” length garden wall option, this garden wall block comes in three different lengths:  6”, 10”, and 16”.  You also have the choice of random face or full face, but what I like the best is the matching garden wall cap.  I can see this product becoming very popular.

NEW Product - Cast Stone Caps with ColorTech™

The Cast Stone Caps with ColorTech replace the discontinued Devonstone line of wall caps.  These caps are available in three colors:  Bluestone, Brownstone, and Limestone.  This new collection also includes Pier Caps, Garden Wall Caps, and Stair Tread Caps.

NEW Product - Steps with ColorTech™

The previous Quarry line of steps and Chilton line of steps will now be available with the ColorTech finish.

MAHTS 2019

In January, Kingdom Landscaping attending EP Henry's regional MAHTS (Mid-Atlantic Hardscape Trade Show) event in Reston, Virginia.  While at the event, Jodi was asked to participate in a video interview with Glenn Hetrick (sales rep) and Andrew Ludewig (digital creative director) about the new EP Henry products and specifically the new ColorTech™ surface.  This video is currently available on the Kingdom Landscaping Facebook page.

Here at Kingdom Landscaping we are excited about all of the new EP Henry product changes and upgrades.  We really appreciate our business relationship with EP Henry.  They produce an excellent hardscape product.

Digital Catalog

Click here to view the 2019 EP Henry catalog in a digital format.